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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Even on a grey, cold, rainy day this bright spot smiled.
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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Check it out

Ellen Whitehurst's book, Make This Your Lucky Day, is a creative way to reach your subconscious and influence it in a positive way. This entertaining, easy read, gives specific ways of keeping your goals and dreams front and center in your daily life. Ellen draws from many different sources to bring us great suggestions, to support ourselves and those we love. I have found that seeing the coins tied around my front door handle are a great example. They remind me every day, that as I open that door, I open the door to the joy and bounty of this world. It starts my day on a positive note at that important moment. When I water the green plants that I have placed in specific areas of the house, I am reminded of why I put them there, reinforcing my commitment to that goal. Ellen has a great web site, Sacred Spaces, which is worth checking out. She does private consultations as well. I had a her Feng Shui my home and I can testify to the efficacy of her suggestions. For the sake of disclosure, I must add that she is a friend of mine and I am an investor in her company. I have definitely put my money where my mouth is.

Up, up and away

Buckle up as this space is about to lift off. No promises and no predictions as to the quality of this trip. The Bloggesphere is loaded with the good, bad, and ugly detritus of human musings. This will be another little floater in that space.